British Empire Stamps | British Colonial Stamps

(countries A – Z)

Omnibus Stamps :

1935 Silver Jubilee : George V
1948 Royal Silver Wedding
Royal Wedding - Diana & Charles

British Empire | British Colonial | British Africa stamps

Countries :

(A – G) (G – N) (N – Z)
Antigua Stamps Gibraltar Stamps Northern Rhodesia
Ascension Stamps Gold Coast Stamps Nyasaland Stamps
Australia Stamps Great Britain part 1 Pitcairn Is. Stamps
Bahamas Stamps Great Britain part 2 Rhodesia BSAC Stamps
Bahrain Stamps Great Britain part 3 Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Basutoland Stamps Grenada Stamps Sierra Leone Stamps
Bechuanaland Stamps Hong Kong Stamps Somaliland Protectorate
Bermuda Stamps India Stamps Southern Rhodesia
Br. East Africa Stamps Iraq (British Occupation) South Africa Union
Brunei Stamps Ireland Stamps South West Africa
Canada Stamps Leeward Is. Swaziland Stamps
Ceylon Stamps Malaysia Stamps St. Helena Stamps
Cook Islands Malta Stamps Transvaal Stamps
Cyprus Stamps Mauritius Stamps Tristan da Cunha Stamps
Dominica Stamps Montserrat Stamps Uganda Stamps
Falkland Islands Natal Stamps Zululand Stamps
Fiji Stamps New Zealand Stamps
Gambia Stamps Nigeria Stamps
Norfolk Islands Stamps

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