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African & British Africa, German Colonies (Colonial), Topical Stamps (Thematic Philately) and various British Commonwealth & Empire.
Also of interest is our fine Postal History section, plus a superb range of Miniature (Souvenir) Sheets, Maximum Card and African First Day Cover selection. We also hold monthly Philatelic Stamp Auctions.

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AFRICA Stamps RHODESIA/Zimbabwe Stamps

An extensive African selection, incl. South African and British Africa Stamps, with South Africa, Namibia, SWA, Botswana, Natal, Swaziland, Lesotho, Transvaal, Cape of Good Hope and Zambia stamps.

A superb selection of the Rhodesias, incl. British South Africa Company (BSAC), incl. Rhodesia Admirals, Rhodesia Double Heads, Southern & Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia Nyasaland, Rhodesia UDI.

All the German Colonies & Post Offices : German East Africa, Kamerun, Togo, Samoa, Kiautschou, Deutsch SWA Stamps, Marianen, China, New Guinea, Karolinen, Turkey, etc. Most of the popular Thematics, incl. Birds, Space Stamps , Fauna & Flora Stamps, Ships, Fish Stamps, Airplanes, Marine, Minerals, Trains & UPU , Fossils, Costumes and Animals.

A better Worldwide selection, basically Aden to Zululand, with special emphasis on the Stamps of Africa. Included in our listings you will find many better single items and sets, incl. a few rarities.

Also of interest – our Varieties & Multiples, Postal History and First Day Covers sections. Please visit our Updates & News pages for fresh Africa Philatelic News. In total we stock more than 150 countries & topics !

Namib Stamps, situated in the coastal resort town of Swakopmund, Namibia. Since 1990, we’ve been attending to stamp collectors, from our spacious 2 storey premises. We have clients in all corners of the Globe, incl. North and South America, Europe, Australasia, Asia and Africa. In total, full time clients in more than 60 countries. In 1997 we went online, reaching more clients much faster. We supply only the best quality stamps with our normal fast & professional service. We have a full time staff of 4 plus a part-time staff of 3 looking after your Philatelic needs. We export to all countries & continents. Put us to the test, and join a long list of satisfied clients ! … the Team, Namib Stamps We’re Situated in Swakopmund, Namibia – right in the middle of the Namibia Coastline

When in Swakopmund, please visit us in the Shop. Our physical address is:

Shop # 2, Nedbank Arcade, 23 Sam Nujoma Avenue, Swakopmund, Namibia

P.O. Box 1367, Swakopmund, Namibia , Tel. : + 264 64 405560 , Fax : + 264 64 405162


Our Philatelic Team :

Brian Jr. Cornay Brian Sr. Martie

Website, Orders & Correspondence. 17 years experience as a professional philatelist. Sales Purchasing, Stock preparation, Accounting. 26 years experience in the trade. Sales, Orders Shipping, Banking. 17 years experience in the trade.
a family business with a combined experience of 60 years in the Philatelic Trade known for very fast, friendly & efficient service reliable postal service to deliver your stamps full time clients in more than 60 countries.

List of Countries already exported to

We Offer the Following :

( Southern Africa Stamps & British Africa Stamps, incl. Rhodesia )

Union and Republic of S.A., South West Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia stamps (Southern, Northern, UDI and British South Africa Company Arms, Double Heads & Admirals), Basutoland, Lesotho, Botswana postage stamps, Bechuanaland, Transvaal (ZAR), Natal, Zululand stamps, Cape of Good Hope (COGH), Swaziland & British Central Africa (BCA) Stamps, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Also a superb selection of Official & Postage Due Stamps, especially for South Africa and South West Africa. A fine Postal History Selection, incl. Aero – philately, Colonial, Anglo Boer War, etc.

( German Colonial stamps & Post Offices Abroad )

a superb selection of all the former German Colonies :

German South West Africa (SWA) Stamps, German Togo, German Samoa, Marianen | Mariana Islands, German Kamerun | Cameroon, German Marshall Islands, German East Africa | Ostafrika Stamps, German New | Neu Guinea, German Kiautschou, German Karolinen | Caroline Islands. Included in our listings are many better single items, Postmarks, as well as a fine selection of Postal History | GANZSACHEN !!

plus German South West Africa Post Offices & Agencies :

China PO, Marocco | Morocco | Marokko & Turkey | Turkei | Turkish Empire Stamps

( Topical Stamps | Thematic Stamps )

A Fine Worldwide Selection for thematic stamp collectors (special emphasis on Africa), with most of the popular themes, incl. Bird stamps, Butterfly, Butterflies, WWF, Animal, Animals , Fauna & Flora, Red Cross, Train, Fish, Marine Life, Space Stamps, Aviation, Transport, incl. Ship Stamps & Vehicles, Art & Paintings, African Mineral Stamps, Africa Fossil Stamps, Military Uniforms, Costumes, Stamps on Stamps, Lighthouse, Miniature | Souvenir Sheets and many more.

( Postal History , Vintage Postcards & Postmarks )

A fine South African, Southern Africa & German Colonial | Colonies Postal History selection, incl. Aero-philately, Field Post | Feldpost, Covers, Postcards, Ganzsachen, Vintage Picture Postcards, Litho Cards, Rare Postmarks, SWA Herero War Campaign, Anglo Boer War, WWI and WWII.

( Varieties | Misprints )

A good selection in both these areas, incl. many better & unique items : Missing Colours, Color Shifts, Perforation Shifts, Color Trials, Inverted Overprints, Double Printings, Misprints on FDC’s, etc. Both Listed and Unlisted Varieties. Many Varieties also listed under respective country pages.

( British Commonwealth stamps | British Empire Stamps )

A good selection of most areas and periods, incl. G.B., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and much more. Basically, Aden to Zululand !! Special Emphasis on Colonial Philately.

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( Many Other Postage Stamps Sections )

Besides all the specialized country & theme categories, we also have many other sections of interest for stamp collectors, eg. : Omnibus stamp issues, Maximum Cards & Miniature Sheets, Souvenir Sheets plus a First Day Cover section. All in all there’s now more than 600 pages that can be visited !

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