What is the value of my stamps collection?


I have come across a stamp collection belonging to my great great aunt. There are probably about 10,000 stamps in it- alot of which surprisingly are unused still with the gum on the back. These are old old old stamps and I would like to find out what the best way is to find values for these. Is there a good website for this? What do I look for in a stamp to be considered “mint” condition?




No idea on price guide websites as I’m not much of a philatelist anymore. A mint condition stamp would be one that is not attached to anything and is not canceled, with all edges sharp and no discoloration.


Old stamps in mint condition can sometimes be valuable so I would look into it. If the stamps are sorted by country and year, then the best thing is to get hold of a current stamp catalog for the country involved. Maybe you can try a local library if you don’t want to purchase one. It will list a price for each stamp in both mint and used condition.

Bear in mind that catalog price is what you would expect to pay if you bought a stamp individually from a dealer, and includes the dealer’s overheads and commission. The sale value of a stamp is usually less, and almost nothing for very common stamps.

I don’t think you’ll find this information on a web site as it tends to be the result of proprietary research.

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