Is a Condo in CBD Singapore Right for You?

Can you imagine waking up in your luxury condo, and opening the blinds every morning to see a beautiful garden oasis right outside your window? To be right next to retail stores and office buildings you could potentially work at as well? Ideally speaking, you would have a beautiful view, and quite literally live on the same property as the one you work at, in two different buildings, of course. A condo in CBD Singapore is the ideal solution for those who love nature and beauty. It is a place you will never regret moving to.

The Condo

These condos can be anywhere from one to four bedrooms and are a luxury option for entertaining guests. Residences are privy to terraces, retail stores, parks, and gardens right outside their door. They’re also right next to a gymnasium and a swimming pool, for those days you want to be more active. If that weren’t enough already, the property is connected to four different MRT lines which can be accessed both from pedestrian routes and underground routes. No matter which way you look at it, you can’t deny that a condo in CBD is a great place to live.

The Gardens

Right outside your door, you will find lush green gardens. There are beautiful waterfalls, and a wide variety of plant life for you to admire. Serene and beautiful, this garden will have you feeling more tranquil than you have in quite some time, and is a wonderful way to relax. Imagine this; you have a rough day at work, your boss had gotten angry and yelled at you that day. You come home, tired and annoyed yourself, and decide to sit in the garden outside your condo. The sheer beauty and tranquility of the garden, with its waterfalls making bubbling noises in the background, will make you feel so much better. Soon, you will have forgotten all about your rough day as you let the sounds and looks of the garden take you away to peace and calm. Among the lush greenery of the garden, you will find several services, including, but not limited to, retail stores, Asian and western dining, upscale bars, bistros, and many other upscale services.

Other Amenities

If you ever feel like you need to rejuvenate, reflect, or just want to entertain, there are spaces that will fit your needs. Some amenities are a 50m lap pool, Aqua Gym, Sauna, Residents’ clubhouse, private dining rooms, BBQ terraces, Relaxation cabanas, and much more wonderful features.

There is no doubt that a condo in CBD Singapore is a great place to live. As a resident, you will find much more relaxation, fun, and care-free time than you would anywhere else. If you’re considering moving in, please try to go see the building for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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