How should I display my new stamp collection?

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I just found my grandpa’s old stamp collection. It’s a whole box of stamps. Some of the them are just envelopes full of used stamps, and there’s a bunch of them that are four of the same stamp, mint, in a piece of plastic.

I have no idea how to display these stamps. There’s a couple of “stock books” included in the collection, but I can’t display the sets of 4 in those. What’s a good way to display my collection, and keep adding on to it with new stamps?


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There are now brands of loose leaf stock book pages, to fit into a ring binder, which come in various page formats, with different numbers of strips per page, from 11 down to 1 (for a part sheet of stamps?). They are sold in packs of a single type, or you can buy a mixed pack of assorted formats to start with, to get an idea of how many of each type of page you’re going to need.

Find them in the stamps section of eBay.

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